Fluid End


Specializes in manufacturing triplex and quintuplex fluid ends with various sizes and configurations, Our fluid end cylinders are made from high-quality forgings in alloy steel materials of 4330(v), 4330(MOD) etc and precise/y machined...

Plunger Pump

We utilize parts with corrosion resisting and hard wearing material, which greatly enhance the performance of fluid end assembly....

Fluid End Assembly

With our special technical treatment, the fluid end life has been proved up to approx 380 hours, which is ahead of most fluid end suppliers...



Over last few years, Jiekai people recognized “Quality is the essential of continuous improvement" andstrived to satisfy client's quality requirements for each workpiece. As a result, IK has been growing fast and attained...






Jiangsu Jiekai Oil Equipment Technology Co. Ltd


Jiangsu Jiekai Oil Equipment Technology.,ltd was established in the year of 2011,specializes in manufacturing a wide range of outstanding fluid ends on frac pump, well service pumps etc., serving oil and shale industry. Convenient location in Yangtze River Delta with easy access to Shanghai ports and national highway endows Jiekai with advantages on international business.


Jiekai is capable of a professional technical team equipped with substantial technical reserves and rich experience. Besides, Jiekai is equipped with a set of in-house facilities from forging to machining, greatly satisfying clients' requirements on product reliability and stability. Meanwhile, Jiekai has various testing devices with high accuracy, which assure the quality of products, as well as that of incoming materials.


—— Jiekai is equipped with a set of in-house facities from forging to machining ——

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